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$85/month and includes monthly class in Placerville, Ca.

Well over 3 hours a month of Survival Training for the whole family!

Each Month You Will Receive Our Ten-Level System

You and your family can train with our professional staff every month in the privacy of your own home or business.  Whether you want a more self sufficient lifestyle, off-grid living, survival retreat, or just want to be more prepared for any natural or man-made disaster; you must have this ongoing monthly progressive program.

This is the most intensive program offered in the United States.  Each area will be 20-60 minutes in length and professionally filmed and edited by Frontier Media Inc.  In time, you will have the opportunity to be certified by Sierra School of Survival as you progress through our system.  Basic, Advanced, and Expert Levels are available for those seeking employment opportunities in the outdoor educational industry.

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Sierra School of Survival - Guest Sample Videos.

Sample of Monthly Online Survival Club

A short sample is available for you in each category. The length of these videos have been modified for these samples.  Note that you can click a button in the top right hand corner of the player to view these videos full screen.  When you join our online survival club you will gain access to well over three hours of these practical survival training videos each month as well as be able to attend the Survival Club in person once a month.

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Please realize that at Sierra School of Survival our office is the outdoors.  Because we only make it into the office a few times a week we can not respond to e-mails and phone calls within the same timeframe as most businesses you may deal with.  We realize this may appear unprofessional to those who live and work daily in the concrete jungle and we appreciate your understanding as we conduct our business in the wilderness, beyond the range of our cell phone.