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Survival Club Video Information

The Survival Club Videos have been prepared and are deliverd to you with what we have detemined to be the best balance of quality and speed. Please recognize that we are not a multi-billion dollar video hosting company with unlimited resources. We have designed our system to deliver the videos to match your connection speed.  If you are experiencing video viewing issues they are likely the result of your internet connection speed.

*Please realize that with the way we have organized our video pages it is possible to have more than one video loading at the same time.  This will really slow your bandwidth down and ruin your vieweing experience.  If you start a video watch it till the end or refresh the page before stating a new video.  Even if you stop one midway, it will continue to load in the background.  Refreshing the page will stop this.

Again, we have made every atempt to address these issues by balancing the quality and bitrate of the videos with the speed which all our viewers can receive them.

We continue striving to keep the cost of our Survival Club reasonable for everyone.  The cost of storing and delivering our large video library to our viewers is included in that cost and we ask that familly groups help us reduce bandwidth usage by studying together when possible.

As our program grows we will expand the offerings to include HD versions of all videos if there is a demand for them.  We will strive to bring you the best quality videos available while meeting all other requirements.

Please contact us if you have any questions or problems and we will gladly work with you to resolve them if possible.

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Where Are We?

Please realize that at Sierra School of Survival our office is the outdoors.  Because we only make it into the office a few times a week we can not respond to e-mails and phone calls within the same timeframe as most businesses you may deal with.  We realize this may appear unprofessional to those who live and work daily in the concrete jungle and we appreciate your understanding as we conduct our business in the wilderness, beyond the range of our cell phone.
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